We Specialize in Removing the Toughest Trees & Stumps

Removal Maintenance

Whether you simply need to get rid of an unhealthy tree or stump from your yard, or have a hazard, we specialize in removing the toughest of trees and stumps in some of the most challenging locations.

Our innovative techniques give us an edge in an industry riddled with amateurs. Also, safe and reliable equipment greatly increases the ease with which a task can be performed. Through careful identification of potential hazards and timely removal of dangerous trees, Hummel Tree can prevent the sometimes serious consequences that arise from poor tree care.

So You Have a Big Tree?

While the positives of large and healthy trees typically outweigh the negatives, the reality is that sometimes very large trees can become a liability. Whether the location is inadequate, or the size is too cumbersome, we understand how these large trees can become an inconvenience.

With the right equipment in our shop, we’ll reshape, reduce height, weight, and make things more manageable just like you want.

Crane Removal

Using our own Crane for large tree removals allows us to work faster, getting your job done fast and right with zero impact on your yard. No hard divots, crushed sprinklers, septic systems, etc. Since 2005, Hummel Tree Service prides itself on being Manhattan’s only tree service owning their own 15-ton crane. This capability and resource enhance both the speed, safety, and success during large and/or difficult tree removals in the Manhattan area. In fact, removing your tree with our crane keeps it from even touching the yard!

We can Customize Our Service For You

Stump Cleanup

Getting rid of stumps improves the appearance of most job sites after trees are removed.  In fact, we can customize our service to exactly meet your need(s).

We offer Flat CutsGrind & Go options, and a Complete Site Restoration package to prepare the area for future vegetation to grow quickly.  We take pride in each of our removals, and leave things clean, tidy, and just how we promise.